What is Haptics?

The essential nature of touch is connection. We use our hands to explore and understand our world by feeling the materials, textures, and shapes that compose every object in it. Our sense of touch is just as important as visual feedback as it provides a rich variety of information about the environment, and helps us recognize objects and identify the effort needed to manipulate them.

In recent years the modality of touch has gradually disappeared from modern human-machine interfaces as more versatile touch displays have replaced physical keyboards, sliders, and dials. The reality is that flat interactive displays are not as accurate and become frustratingly elusive as the physical shape of virtual dials and buttons can no longer be perceived without the use of our eyesight.

Our Solutions

We design and manufacture high-precision force-feedback interfaces, also called haptic devices, which transmit digital information to the user through the sense of touch. This tactile form of interaction greatly enhances the ease to use and interact with complex 2D and 3D applications as our haptic devices are capable of rendering with great accuracy the curvature, stiffness and texture properties of all forms of material.

Our company also develops custom hardware and software solutions in the field of haptics and human interface design. These solutions are used to amplify the user experience in a variety of applications in areas of robotics, aerospace, health care, research, industry, human exploration, and consumer entertainment.

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