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As lead designers of human interfaces, we always keep people at the center of our work. It is a key principle of design thinking, and even as our methods evolve in response to new, complex challenges, we are always crafting solutions for people first. We believe that key ingredients in solving every engineering challenge lie at the intersection of disciplines. For this reason, our team is highly experienced in major areas of science and engineering.

Research and Ideation

During the initial stage of all projects, our design team relies on observation, in-context interviews, and onsite visits to fully capture and understand the true design challenges and technical requirements of our clients. By combining our research, observations, and learnings in the field, we then identify patterns that lead to ideas. Once our team has completed this process, we systematically test and challenge our ideas through iterative prototyping.

Concept Development and Rapid Prototyping

No matter what interface or software we are designing, prototyping is an essential stage of the design process. Building a prototype is a quick and risk-averse way to bring ideas into the hands of the people we are designing for and to iterate effectively.

System Testing and Evaluation

Gathering functional and ergonomic feedback from users on even the earliest prototypes is essential to keep evolving towards a successful product and experience. It also keeps the people we are designing for at the center of the design process.

Product Rollout and Iteration

Once a solution is validated, our team transfers design to production. During this phase we explore for engineering optimizations and improvements that will later streamline manufacturing and assembly of the final product.


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