SDK DOWNLOAD - current release


SDK 3.8  
Windows 32-bit (Vista/7/8/10) 1 sdk-
Windows 64-bit (Vista/7/8/10) 1 sdk-
Mac OS X 10.14 (Intel) sdk-
Linux 32-bi t2 sdk-
Linux 64-bit 2 sdk-
Raspberry Pi (experimental) sdk-
BlackBerry QNX please contact us
Wind River VxWorks

Windows users: please uninstall any earlier release of the Force Dimension SDK.
2 Linux users: requires libusb-1.0.17 (or greater) dev packages, as well as the Qt 5 runtime libraries for your distribution.


SDK DOWNLOAD - other releases


Note: the SDK version 3.2 is the last to support 1st generation Omega devices.

Haptic SDK 3.2  
Windows 32-bit (XP/Vista/7) dhd-
Windows 64-bit (XP/Vista/7) dhd-
Mac OS 10.6 (Intel) dhd-
Mac OS 10.5 (Universal) dhd-
Linux 32-bit (kernel 2.6) dhd-
Linux 64-bit (kernel 2.6) dhd-
Robotic SDK 3.2  
Windows 32-bit (XP/Vista/7) drd-
Windows 64-bit (XP/Vista/7) drd-
Mac OS 10.6 (Intel) drd-
Mac OS 10.5 (Universal) drd-
Linux 32-bit drd-
Linux 64-bit drd-


Note: the SDK version 3.1 is the last to support PCI-based devices.

Haptic SDK 3.1  
Windows 32-bit (XP/Vista) dhd-


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